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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
4 year old Kinder

At 4 year old kinder we help the children to develop, and further develop, their life skills.  Through play the children learn and develop skills that they will use throughout their life; they develop their social skills, learn to solve problems on their own, learn ways to manage and express their emotions and many more.  Kinder provides many opportunities (many of which go unnoticed as they are so simple and are part of their everyday routine) for children to grow and mature.  We, as educators, will often sit back and observe and support the children during their play and provide them with strategies to deal with new situations or problems that they encounter.  We also support their play and help them to extend on their play ideas and learning.  We encourage the children to take risks, to be themselves and to respect each other.

3 year old Kinder

Children attending 3 year old kinder group are guided in their developmental areas throughout the year.  The main learning focus is their social and emotional skills in readiness for 4 year old Kinder and later for school.  The children learn to interact with their peers by engaging in conversation, taking turns in play and also being able to extend their concentration levels.  This happens through set tasks that are provided by the staff and also when the children partake in mat time.  By the end of the year the children are able to recognise their name and are able to take care of themselves by developing their self identity and wellbeing.

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