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About us


Rutherglen Kindergarten, a not for profit organisation, is an Incorporated Association of Members and works in partnership with Indigo North Health (also a not for profit organisation) to provide Kindergarten services to Rutherglen and surrounding communities.


Our partnership with Indigo North Health commenced on July 1 2014 and is an exciting way forward for our Kinder. Day to day operation and staffing of the Kinder program remains unchanged, however Indigo North Health have taken over the role of Approved Provider for our Kinder service and are responsible for the administrative functions of running the kinder (previously undertaken by the volunteer committee). This means our dedicated committee of volunteer parents can focus on the essential role of fundraising to provide additional resources for the Kinder such as new toys, supplies and equipment.


The Federal Government introduced Universal Access in 2010, resulting in the need for a larger building to service families in the Rutherglen district.  Committee members set about applying for a substantial grant to propel Rutherglen Kindergarten into the future as an early years community facility. Bolstered by wonderful support and financial commitment from the Community, the grant was approved and the Committee got to work on preparing for the expansion of the Kindergarten Building.


Enormous contributions continued to flow from the Rutherglen community and tremendous assistance and building skills were supplied by the mums and dads of past and present children.  On 9th October 2013 staff and children began to use the wonderful new facility.  Rutherglen Kindergarten has two large open plan learning areas, kitchen (cooking program), disabled toilet, brand new inside and outside toilets and new office spaces.


Rutherglen Kindergarten stands as a tribute to the passion and commitment held by members of the Rutherglen Community. 

If you would like to see a layout via a virtual tour of the Kinder by clicking on this link:


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