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Rutherglen Kindergarten has an active team of volunteers on its committee.  The committee is focused on fundraising with the goal of providing the best resources for the Kinder (visit our fundraising page for more information).  The committee also works in partnership and consults with Indigo North Health (our approved provider) to influence all manner of decisions regarding kinder such as timetabling, fees and policy. 


The Rutherglen Kindergarten committee understands needs of families because we are parents too. The committee is elected at the annual general meeting every November.  A list of current committee members is available at the Kinder.


Committee Roles


President (Executive role)

Vice President (Executive role)

Secretary (Executive role)

Treasurer (Executive role)

Fundraising Coordinator

General Committe Member


Being on committee means you can influence decisions that affect you and your family. It is a very rewarding experience and also a great way get involved with Kinder, meet like-minded people and make new friends. The committee meets monthly and an open invitation is extended to attend committee meetings for all members (you become a member when you enrol your child). For further information please contact the Kinder.


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