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Rutherglen Kindergarten Philosophy

Our values and beliefs at Rutherglen Kindergarten


Providing a safe, challenging and stimulating environment for children. Providing an environment where families feel safe to bring their children in accordance with the Child Safe Standards.

Safety & Wellbeing: 

Looking out for the safety and wellbeing of the children.

Encouraging children to take risks, to be resilient and to look out for their safety and others.


All children are individual and should be treated with respect.

Everyone that steps into the Kinder is made to feel welcome and respected for who they are.


Developing positive relationships with each other, with all families, community members and the children.


All children need time to play and be themselves. Engaging in play helps children to build on all areas of development; they learn how to engage with others, solve problems and express/manage emotions.


All children are individual learners, we believe in creating a supportive and challenging learning environment for all children.


We believe in helping children to learn about and respect differences in the world and how there is more than one way to do something.

We believe in embracing differences.

Team work:

Educators working together as well as with families, the community and the children to achieve the best outcomes and learning opportunities/experiences.


Open communication is needed between all to know everything we can about the children and how we can support and challenge them including input from the children themselves.


It is important to make connections around us and to show the children what is outside/beyond the Kinder.

Open door:

All are welcome into our Kinder to be involved in or to contribute to meaningful learning experiences for the children. Having an open door teaches the children about community and belonging and invites all others to be involved in the children’s learning in some way.


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